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Ageless Thermal Mask

Ageless Thermal Mask


If you haven’t tried our Sericin Ageless Thermal Mask, and aren’t quite sure what it’s all about or what it can do for your skin, you’re in for a treat – because today we are going to teach you all about it, and tell you the benefits of the product, and why you really should give it a try.

What it Is

Our Sericin Plus Ageless Thermal Mask was created because we saw a need for a truly unique skin mask that utilized silk proteins, which was able to ward off the premature signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, laugh lines and age spots. This product has been enriched with Silk Protein Sericin, which is one of the most hydrating, moisturizing and age-defying properties on the market.

It warms your skin so nicely when you first apply it, and you can really feel it working while you allow the mask to rest on your face. Not only does the warming effect give you a nice spa facial feeling, but it also helps you to relax – and most women say they love the fact that it has a warming sensation as it allows them to feel as though the product is truly working.

The heat opens the pores, allows the product to penetrate the skin, and purify the skin better than if it wasn’t warming. The end result is beautiful, clean, refined skin that is free of dirt, oil and toxins.

How to Use the Product

Using the product is easy enough. Stir the product well with the applicator, and simply massage the mask over a clean, damp face and neck. Allow it to rest on the skin for anywhere from 5-10 minutes for maximum effect. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Follow up with our Ageless Serum for added benefit, followed up with our Ageless Cream once the serum has finished drying. The end result will be beautiful, flawless skin that stands the test of time and wards off aging for years to come.

Who Should Use the Product

This product is perfect for anyone from their 20’s and up who is looking to begin taking care of their skin in such a way that fights the inevitable signs of aging. We believe a proactive approach is the best way to have perfect skin for a long time to come. But we also believe it’s never too late to turn back time and erase, reverse and diminish the signs of aging.

Sericin Plus products are top-of-the-line, high-end, high-quality skincare and there is absolutely nothing like them on earth. If you want the perfect skincare products, you’ve found them here at Sericin Plus.

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