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6 Tips For Quick Morning Skincare Routine

6 Tips For Quick Morning Skincare Routine


We have all been there and have experienced that morning rush of getting out of bed and out of the house. Whether it’s the sun coming up to early or the fact we hit the snooze button one too many times (cause we’ve all been there), something happens and sets our day off on the wrong foot, or there is just too many things on our mind that we have to take care of.

Being efficient is KEY in the morning, so to help you save more time in the morning, we’ve come up with your time saving beauty routine. Just six easy steps that will leave you fresh faced, give you that extra boost of confidence and energy, and help you get out of your house in record time all while looking your very best! (You can thank us later…)



Before we get to the tips, be sure to prep your space ahead of time:

  • Put your cleanser in your shower

  • Keep all your other skincare products together

  • Have a wipe or towel nearby for taking off product and drying your skin



Now for the tips:

  1. While in the shower, use a gentle cleanser to rid your skin of any dirt or debris that has accumulated overnight.

  2. Get an energy burst with the Sericin+ Facial Peeling Gel. Apply, avoiding eyes and nasal membranes.Rinse with warm water.

  3. Tighten & Smooth your skin with a dime size amount of the Sericin+ Lifting & Stretching Serum for perfect skin.

  4. Help those tired eyes of your to an INSTANT EYELIFT with an intensive eye cream for a quick pick me up.

  5. Now it’s time for a healthy dose of hydration using the richly luxurious Sericin+ Moisturizing Cream to ensure moisture stays locked in all day long.

  6. Finish it off with a light layer of SPF 30 or higher and voila!


Your skin should look and feel alive and fresh, and you feel more confident and awake. Is there any better way to start your day?



Now if only your commute was this easy…

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